Interview with George Romney

You, um, you testified before the Kerner Commission, and, um, and eventually they came out with their finding that there were, that our country was splitting into two societies. Can you talk about your involvement with the Commission, and about whether you agreed with their findings?


Well, I testified and presented the facts with respect to what had happened in Detroit. Ah, and basically I was in agreement with their findings. Yes, I was concerned that, uh, we were dividing. And I don't think we have solve the problem yet completely. I think we still have a major problem in our central cities, our bigger metropolitan areas. Ah, after all, as long as you have a, a multiplicity of governmental units in these metropolitan areas, uh, you're, you're gonna have problems because, uh, you can't deal with the problem of housing and, uh, other problems, that need to be dealt with with all these separate governmental units in the, uh, big central cities.