Interview with George Romney

Okay. Um, the Republican Coordinating Committee, issued a statement about the President being unable to control what was happening in the country, and, and talked about finding factories that were making Molotov Cocktails and things like that. Did you at the time in Detroit think that there was some organization to some of the violence that was happening, was there?


There was no way, there was no way of knowing whether there was some outside influence in the riot in Detroit. Ah, one of the disturbing things was that men like John Conyers and others, who were res--respected Black leaders in Detroit, tried to go out and persuade the people to stop the rioting. They'd been able to do that earlier, when there was, uh, an earlier incident in Detroit, uh, but this time they had no influence whatsoever. So whether there was some outside influence involved, I never really knew.


Okay, Is there--