Interview with Bobby Rush

I wanted to ask you about, after the murder of Fred Hampton, the fears you had for your own safety and perhaps life, and, and what you did.


Well, you know, after th--they killed Fred, well, I had no more response in any time, even when we expected there was going to be a raid was for the leadership of the, of the chapter to go underground. Okay? Um, and after they killed Fred and the, the day following those activities, it was determined that I should not return to my apartment, that I should go underground. And in fact, that's exactly what I did. I, that evening I was protected, hid out in Father Clements' home. Okay? He hid me out over that evening, right on 39th Street, and I always have the utmost of respect for Father Clements, not s--that was just one s--one in a series of things that he's, he's done for the Black community and, and, and, I certainly would su--support him because of that. But they, police did come to my apartment the next morning. They shot the door down, and this is verified by my neighbors and also verified by the evidence. They didn't--they came in and just kicked the door in, they opened a, a, unprecedent--unprecedented chase and, and they were just trying to find me all over the place, and they had my picture on all the local news channels that I was wanted, and, but we had allies and people who were concerned and people who were supporters throughout the city. And I was able to move from place to place until I, I ultimately turned myself in on the stage of Operation Breadbasket on that following Saturday after, after December 4th.