Interview with Bobby Rush

Could you describe that event for me? You know, what you had decided to do, and who was there, and who was supporting you?


Well, we had been in, in contact with, through my lawyer, Kermit Coleman, we had been in contact with the police l--The Afro-American Patrolmen's League, and we had been in contact with Operation Push, and I knew that if the police had arrested me on the street or if they, that I would be dead, okay? And so therefore we arranged to, for me to be turned in publicly so that the entire c--city could see that I had no broken arms, that I was in good condition and that I had no bullet holes, that I wasn't walking around with any bullet holes in me. So that's why we made the, the, the, my, my, to turn myself in, we made that public, and before a, a national or at least, well, a national audience really. And steps according to that, the police they actually charged me with, I think possession of, of marijuana, something like that. They, they, they accused me of having marijuana in my house, and upon further evidence, I mean, this is then taking a long period of time, they saw that the bag of what they thought was marijuana was nothing but birdseeds. I had a, a, a bird in my house and that was bird--those were birdseeds. So they did--they didn't have any charges to hold me on. And th--that's exactly what happened.