Interview with Bobby Rush

What kind of array of people were acting on--


Well, you had people from Imamu Baraka to Bobby Seale to Richard Gordon Hatcher, to Mary Hatcher, to religious leaders, educational leaders. I mean, you had a broad spectrum of political leadership that I think that, to--together for the first time and consented, uh, gave, gave their consent to the fact that pursuing electoral politics was a legitimate option that the Black community should, should investigate in, should involve themselves in. And it, it raised electoral politics to a level whereby you had activists from the sixties actually involve themselves in electoral politics. It certainly laid a broad philosophical foundation that I think that is still present today. I can't say that, that Gary, the, the convention in Gary directly affected anyone's election or non election but I can say that it gave impetus to a number of Blacks looking at electoral politics as a legitimate way to involve themselves and contribute to the welfare of, of, of the Black community.