Interview with Bobby Rush

What kind of reception did Bobby Seale get?


Bobby Seale got a very good reception. Ah, he was a, a, a welcomed speaker. He was highly appreciative in terms of his remarks. Ah, and I, after that, I think that Bobby made a decision to run for mayor of the city of Chica--mayor of Oakland, California at the time. And of course, you remember he got into a runoff there. It was a very effective campaign. Ah, so Gary you know, represented a, a bridging, a coming together of a, of the different elements. The conservative elements with the more radical elements, uh, and all the elements in between. And again, I think it laid the philosophical foundation that said, "Okay, we don't have to all operate from what we, some of us would call operating out of system, that we can get involved in a system and that we can effect some changes within the system, or at least attempt to fix, effect some changes in the system." And you're not going to be viewed as someone who had, had sold out to that same system.


Cut, great. That's terrific.