Interview with Bobby Rush

That's wonderful. That's great, that's great. Can you talk a little bit about what the Panther party was trying to achieve in terms of--you called yourself a revolutionary party. What kind of revolution were you hoping to bring about?


Well, I think that when you look at in essence we were, we were, we wanted to bring about, uh, a change, we wanted to bring about an empowerment, we wanted to bring about changing conditions. Now, the rhetoric might have gone, uh, a number of different ways. I think the Panther Party evolved to, to many different things in the short time that it was, uh, uh, alive and thriving here. It was cultural nationalist at one time, it was, then it evolved into a revolutionary nationalist, and then it evolved into, uh, internationalist, and then it evolved into um, had components of socialist philosophy involved in it, and then it ultimately evolved into what we call revolutionary inter communalist, you know, which was another, uh, uh, component of a number of different philosophies and ideologies and things like that.