Interview with Bobby Rush

What were the other fears about Days of Rage?


Well, we knew that, that the Days of Rage, just like the, the Democratic convention, that the Black community would, would, would, would receive the brunt of it. I mean, and, I mean, it's historical, that's been the situation. I mean, if you look at Patty Hearst, I mean, Cinq--Cinq--Cinque is dead, Patty Hearst is, you know, living her life, and the Black community always gets the brunt of the action. And, and that's one of the things that prevent coalition, some serious coalition buildings because, present--prevented it then because if you, if you, if Black, if Blacks get involved and, and rousing the police agencies and enforcers, then they're going to get the brunt whereas Whites are always got the op--the option of forgetting about the involvement, or the system is always going to be manipulated in their behalf and things like that. So I mean, all of those things came into play and we totally rejected the, the, the, the Days of Rage. We knew that we did not want to see the police launch an open attack on the Black community, and they would have done it if Black folks had tried to do the same things that, that the Whites did within the Days of Rage.