Interview with William Rutherford

Can you tell me about New York City. What did you do and who were you sending?


Well, New York City, into New York City we sent, ah, Reverend Kirkpatrick, who is a well known minister from Texas, a rural minister from rural Texas. We sent James Collier who had been around the map and had participated in a number of, ah, earlier, ah, demonstrations in Chicago and Selma and so on. And these were the two men who were assigned with their fifty dollars to go and organize New York City. And of course once they were there, they had resources, they had friends in the artistic community, in the academic community, in the religious community, community and so on and so forth. And they did everything from organizing meetings in churches in the evening to speak about Poor People's Campaign, about the Poor People's Campaign, and to invite people to participate. So they were recruiting at the same time. And at every, ah, possible level.