Interview with William Rutherford

So take yourself back to, you're at the edge of Resurrection City, what was it like?


The last day of Resurrection City, as I said I can continue this, ah, simile about a camp at the end of a battle or a war, ah, the camp was largely abandoned, very few people were left. They had been warned. They had been given a delay to leave the, ah, premises and they were being in effect evicted by the Capitol and Park Police. And, there was a cap that went off and it sounded like a shot. Of course everyone was very apprehensive and nervous about possible violence. Ah, and of course it was not a shot. I don't know really what the noise was, perhaps a firecracker. But the police in this long blue line moved forward and they actually fired teargas and we got a good whiff of teargas those of us who were supervising or serving as observers for the evacuation of the camp and there was the smoke from the teargas rising from the ground, again, like an abandoned battlefield. As you moved forward across the site, it was literally at the end of a, a major battle, battle of the poor and they had lost.