Interview with William Rutherford

You would have all this talk and then at the end Dr. King would sum up, did that mean that everybody would agree with him?


Ah, I don't know if everyone would agree with him, ah, no everyone didn't agree with Dr. King. But no one ever really, how should I say, ah, left the meeting, ah, opposed to what he had said. There was very little carry over. He would, ah, not impose a consensus but he was able, his thinking and his thoughts were so clear, he was able to cut through three or four hours of rhetoric and discussion and simply say, "Well, this makes sense. That makes sense. A good point made an hour and a half ago by Al Sampson or whoever it might be. Ah, and that, but I would have this to say about that." And he would go on and within 15 or 20 minutes he would have, ah, everyone would have expressed, ah, his or herself, ah, and he would be able to synthesize the whole thinking. So he probably had taken in the best elements that this, ah, you know, really rather heteroclitic crowd had been able to enunciate during that period.