Interview with Howard Saffold

All right, on the morning of December 4th, how did you get the news about what happened.


Ah, I got a phone call, oh, it must have been about five, five o'clock in the morning. And, um, the call had been placed by, by a police officer, who was assigned to that district that it had happened in. And, obviously a bunch of network calling right after that, and everybody was up and out of bed and moving in, in a very few minutes. And it was total shock. Ah, it was obvious to us at this point that the police department was very, very serious and determined to, to, to, to be a part of what we thought was a conspiracy to destroy that group. Um, um, there was, um, one particular guy, um, from the organization that was in on the raid. Um, he was the first person we called. And, um, his story changed a couple of times, um, between the debriefings and the debriefing and the debriefing. But it was obvious to us that, um, that the long arm of the, the law had, had, had reached out and taken it upon themselves to literally, uh, in my opinion, murder, uh, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Um, you, you, you can't Monday-morning quarterback the entire scenario, but I'm, I'm of the opinion that they had infiltrators that had helped them clearly identify where people were located in that apartment, who they were after, and, and, and I think they selected the people that they know didn't have any problem carrying it off. And, and I'll always believe that.