Interview with Howard Saffold

Did you go down to Monroe street?


Oh, yes. We went, we went through the apartment several times. Several times. The police didn't really decide to place any kind of, uh, protection on the crime scene 'til several days later, ironically enough. Normally you would expect them to seal it off, but they sort of wanted, it looked as if the, the evidence needed to be contaminated. I mean they, I think they were scrambling around at that point, trying to figure out how to explain that, that, that very bizarre, uh, activity. And, and I don't know that they ever, uh, really found out who the real conspirators were. I think the local states attorney here and the chief of police, uh, found out some things that, uh, rather unsuspectingly, uh, was going on, even that, that they didn't--weren't being made, uh, privileged to. And that's not to excuse them for responsibility. But I'm saying that, uh, I think the people who carried out that raid had been very carefully selected. And, and I think the objective was very plain, way before they carried it out. My personal opinion.