Interview with Howard Saffold

Now after the raid, during that time when you probably were still hoping[SIC] I guess, you were trying to guard the front, is that it?


Yeah, I was one of the, uh, several police officers. I was working--I had been transferred during that, that whole so-called investigation, um, in a matter of weeks, um, I had been transferred twice. And I ended up being detailed to the front door of that apartment, um, um, right during the, uh, mid-December. Ah, standing outside, you know, in, uh, sub-zero weather, and it was kind of ironic. We--our, our whole position was, "Why guard it now?" I mean, it should have been protected, uh, on the night of the incident if you were serious. So now it was just a publicity stunt. And it was rather appalling, uh, to think that we were still playing the facade. Ah, even several weeks after the incident.