Interview with Ruby Sales

Ruby, tell me how this incident with Jonathan Daniels affected your future work in Lowndes County?


Well I went through a period of, of, of wanting, of trying to decide whether or I would stay in the county because, ah, after the shooting happened I was receiving constant death threats. A lot of the anger and a lot of the focus was on me and I think partly that was true because I was very out front in getting people to register to vote and easily identified because I had a very outgoing personality. So, ah, and, um, so a lot, a large part of my time was, um, spent, um, trying to decide what to do, whether I should leave or whether I should stay and on the other hand trying to deal with the fact that my family was under extreme pressure, that, ah, White people had come to my parents home in Columbus, Georgia looking for me and when they had come the day my mother was hanging out clothes they had, they had asked for her and, ah, she was there by herself. And so of course she was, ah, terrified. Not only were, were the implications of that for our family but also she was terrified for me so, um, I decided that I would leave the county and go to Atlanta and do some work there.