Interview with Ruby Sales

OK Ruby tell us about May 3.


Well, when I came into the county I had a real sense of coming home, that the county had been for me, one of the most important parts of my development and a real sense of community and the fact that we had all struggled together and we had all lived together and in some real ways that day represented the coming forward of all that we had, in some really ways, hoped for. And just to see the kind of happiness and the kind of, um, jubilation that people felt when they were able to go an vote and, and particularly people who had lived there who were 70 and 60 who had never been allowed to vote and the kind of happiness that they felt and, and, um, the sense of a victory, a real victory, a tangible victory, really meant a lot to me and it sort of meant to me that some part of all of that had really meant a whole lot and that I could literally and visibly see some, some tangible proof of change. And it didn't take away all that had happened but it certainly allowed, you know, one to feel better about the other bad things that had happened.


Thank you very much Ruby.