Interview with Ruby Sales

Tell me how you came to go to Lowndes County?


Well I was taught in English by Jean Wiley who herself had begun to become involved in the movement and she knew that I was very interested because I had expressed that I wanted to do something to get involved. And she suggested that I might wa--might volunteer to go to one of the counties. And I did go, I decided to go to Lowndes County, Alabama. And the first day that I was in Lowndes County, ah, Stokely Carmichael met us and introduced us and took around to the county. And then we went down to the courthouse to try to get people, ah, try to register, ah, people to vote. And Stokely at that point was, ah, met by the sheriff who told him, "Nigger, I've told you once and I'm not going to tell you another time that if you come down here again, I will blow your brains out." And then he proceeded to take out his gun and put it to Stokely's head and say, "If you don't leave right now, I'll blow you away." And Stokely turned to him and said, "Well, one thing, if you blow me away, hell will be integrated tonight." So I was quite impressed with that and it was at that point that I knew that I was really committed and I wanted to be involved.


OK, I just want to stop down for a second and make sure all the systems are working.