Interview with Ruby Sales

Tell me what it was like to be in Hayneville jail.


Well, when I was on the way to jail I was very, very, ah, aware that I was 16 years old because I had heard incredible stories about if they found out that you were a minor, they would send you to a delinquent home and that your parents couldn't get you out even if they wanted to and that that had happened to, to some people in Mississippi and that had happened to some people in Albany, Georgia. So I was very aware of needing to create a lie about my age so that I wouldn't be found out and wouldn't be separated from the group. So a great deal of my time on the way to jail was spent thinking about and really being afraid that somehow they would check and find out that I was a minor and then I would, you know, be in serious trouble. So, I was really, very, very, very afraid going to jail, also very concerned about what had happened to everyone, worrying about what had happened to Stokely worrying about the fact that we would all go to jail together, the sense that, if we were together then that would add protect, that that would be protection. So, ah, there was sense to, to want to worry about people and to wonder what had happened to Jean Wiley.