Interview with Sonia Sanchez

Okay, could you give me a sense of the Black reaction to Malcolm's trying to do a broader view in terms of human rights and going to the United Nations and how people, Black folks saw that?


When Malcolm went to the UN and began to say, "This is no longer just about um, Black folks in America but it's about the whole movement of human rights, that this is now a human rights problem. It is a problem that the world has got to deal with," I think it made him much more dangerous. I think that many Blacks in the country were not exactly sure as to what he meant, to be frank. And I think again because he was not in a base, a real strong base the way he had been, that it made him less effective. It became, he became as a person, um, who was having ideas but not really having a strong base to bring those ideas into motion or to make them really become effective. You see, when you have a base, the way the Nation was at that particular time, then if this is what you want to send out to world, it got out because you had people working. He had a limited group of people around him.