Interview with Sonia Sanchez

Can you give a sense of, when you said, "The Nation was Blackness," what did you mean by that?Y


The Nation, actually, made America begin, ah, Black America begin to use the work Black. You know, we used Negro and Afro-American. Ah, the Nation said, "You are a Black man and Black woman." And, it's very obvious, at lease from my study of it at that particular time, um, it was like you are Black in the Diaspora--wherever you are, and you're looking like you look, you're Black in this Diaspora. Ah, and it's something to be proud of. You know, and I know that when someone called you Black in America before then, ah, you said, "Not me, I'm not Black, I'm Brown, I'm Yellow." Or, "I'm, you know, ah, um, whatever." But, you did, you were not Black.