Interview with Sonia Sanchez

If you could break it up and just mention, um, um, I need to get, keep rolling, um, the sense of not being pret--the sense of not participating in Gary.


Um-hmm. So as a consequence of observing what was going on, I, I decided that I would not, ah, go to Gary, Indiana, that I would not be a participant, ah, what I call a an, an observer on the, a non-participant, ah, asked, asked to be a participant on a limited level in the Gary experiment, where people came to involve themselves with politics and, and, and culture, ah, with politics and staying alive in America. So, I didn't go. And, and, and I got the results of, of that, ah, of that, of that event, ah, from other people who did participate. I got the, the problems that came out of that. And really thought at some point that maybe if women had been very much involved with the planning of some of that, that some of the emphasis might have been somewhat different, maybe.