Interview with Daniel Schorr

Okay, Department of Agriculture.


Mired down in mud and misery, the people in Resurrection City clearly needed some action to lift their spirits. So every now and then somebody would come and organize something for them to do. On this day, late in May, Reverend Jesse Jackson of whom I had not been aware before this date, took 300 of them, they marched up to the Department of Agriculture. He took them down to the cafeteria, they picked up trays. I saw Jackson tell them to go and go through the line and to give all the checks to him. And so, one by one, they took food, they went through the check-out counter, and they pointed to Jackson who was standing there, tall, 6-footer, you know, nodding, smiling, and they said, "He's got the check for all of us." And when they'd all gone through the line, Jackson took a megaphone and he announced to everybody, "Okay," he said. "This government owes us a lot. And they've just begin to pay a little bit of it with this lunch.".** I think the added up to about 300-odd dollars. When the Resurrection City ended there was still, the Department of Agriculture was still trying to collect it's unpaid debt from the Poor People's Campaign.