Interview with Ronald Scott

Okay, you're in the projects in the middle of the riots, what is happening now with the tank going outside your house and shooting?


Um, in the summer of 1967, in July of 1967 about maybe 2, 3 days, you begin to lose track after a number of years, but it's roughly about the middle of the riot or the rebellion really, and during that situation, um, a neighbor of ours--in public housing projects the way that it's set up on a floor they're about eight apartments and we knew each other real well so a lot of times we'd leave our doors open. In this particular occasion, everybody had closed their doors because they didn't really know what was going on outside. But national guardsmen were across the street from this 14-story unit, um, they were across the street maybe 200 yards. They had a machine gun, uh, set up and...


Cut. Sorry.