Interview with Ronald Scott

If you can talk about a sniping incident while you were living ?


Um, I lived on the... uh, fourteenth floor uh, 14-story building and, uh, down the hall there was a friend of mine that I'd known, oh, I guess for five or six years. Ah, he had previously been an alcoholic, his family had also been involved in alcohol abuse. On this particular day in the middle of the rebellion, July 25th, 26th, something like that, he apparently and this is what everybody had heard about, apparently had brought a rifle into the house and we heard several shots and heard it coming from his apartment. And the next thing we knew as we looked out of the window, we were trying to see where the shots were coming from. As we looked out of the window, and my mother, myself, my five year old sister, two year old brother were there, we looked out of the window and the next thing we saw were maybe about 30 rounds of, uh, M-sipt-- M-60 machine gun bullets coming at the apartment or shooting past the apartment. They didn't hit the building, but we saw the rounds being shot, lighting up the area. We fell on the floor, turned out the lights, and, uh, the next thing we heard, the shots stopped, both inside the building and outside, next thing we saw were a group of national guardsmen coming to the door, banging on the door, kicking on the door, opened the door and said, "Who's shooting in here?" And, uh, I wa--walked to the door and I said, "Well no one's shooting in here." And they said, uh, they said, "Somebody shot up here," said, "So uh, we're going to come in and see." And just then before they walked in, somebody, one of the other guardsmen said, "The shooting came from down here." They ran down to the guy's apartment where the shooting had taken place. And, uh, dragged him out. As they were dragging him out a couple of them hit him up side the head a couple of times, dragged him on the elevator. And, uh, my little sister was there and, uh, you know, everybody was there and we were just really in a state of shock because, uh, if they had decided they wanted to come in that apartment, this is where we were thinking that, uh, it could have been me or it could have been anybody else. And, uh, it was just, it was just rough.


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