Interview with Ronald Scott

Starting with being in the project and hearing the fire you don't know at this point where the sniping is coming from. Okay.


We lived on the fourteenth floor of a 14-story building in the Jeffries Housing Projects. And, uh, on this particular night in the middle of the rebellion, my mother, uh, five-year old sister, my three-year old brother were there. And, uh, we heard shootings, we heard like crack, crack, crack , and uh, we were just sort of looking out of the window, at least I was looking out of the window. And my mother and my brother and sister were in another room. And the next thing we know, there is a blast of machine gun fire coming past the building. We fall on the floor and turn out the lights. Next thing we heard about 2, 3 minutes later are a group of, uh, there was this, there's a knock, pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding on the door and, uh, I opened the door, some national guardsmen standing at the door. And, uh, they said, uh, "We heard some shooting coming out of here, there was some shooting coming out of here." And I said, "Well, there was no shooting in here." And he said, uh, "Well, we're going to come in and see, we thought that there was shooting coming out of here anyway." And, uh, by that time another guardsman down the end of the hall said, "No the shooting was coming out of this apartment here." My sister, my brother were standing there, and my mother, and everybody's just paralyzed, and we were standing there. They go down to the end of the hall. By this time they grab this friend of mine who lived down at the end of the hall and they said, "This is the guy that's doing the shooting." They pull him towards the elevator, and they hit him a couple of times, drag him off. The only thing I could think about was the fact that I was glad that none of us had been killed, I was glad that my sister, my brother, my mother hadn't been hurt in the situation. And to tell you the truth, it's just like other things, I was really, really, really, really, really kind of angry by the situation that, here I was in a situation I couldn't do anything about it. And even now when I talk about it, it, it really bothers me a lot because it's, it's just tough, and I, and I never want to be in that situation again where I can't do anything about it.


Okay, we're cutting.