Interview with Ronald Scott

Talk also about the expectations. You're young, it's 1967, what kind of expectations did you have ?


By 1967 I think that one of the things that was positive about uh, the southern movement and some others things was the fact that uh, we were beginning to feel that as a, as a group of young people uh, that we could do just about anything we wanted to, uh, that we could, that we had maybe some options that we didn't think that we had. Um, we, we felt that we wanted to do more than our parents had done. Our parents wanted us to do more than they had done. So most of us were looking to universities and other kinds of jobs, such situations. That's one of the reasons why I went into the media because, uh, I didn't think about it before. I wanted to be an entertainer, I mean that's what we did, I wanted to sing and do all that kind of stuff. But then I found that the media allowed me to do similar things. That was unheard of.


We'll leave it because you're going past the time frame.