Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, could you talk about the breakfast program in the development of the survival programs? How did they, how did they begin?


Young man standing out in front of the Black Panther Party office that sold papers at McClymonds High School, a Black school, say something about the fact that some teachers were trying to get free lunches for high school students. And I said, "Well, what about the little kids? They need to eat too!" So I initiated with the central committee that we wanted a free-breakfast-for-children program. Eldridge Cleaver called it a sissy program. I said, "Who's the greatest revolution in the-- revolutionary in the world to you, Eldridge Cleaver?" He says "Mao Tse-Tung." I said, "Well, you read the material. It says, 'Always serve the people.'" But mine and Huey's concept related to that was that the recipients of the program in effect become educated and understand that they have to organize an opposition to the racist power structure. But the breakfast program initiated in Reverend Neil's church in West Oakland, California. Spread it around this country to a point where we was feeding over two hu-- two-- a couple hundred thousand kids free breakfast. Later, Willie Brown and some other state legislators in California moved and got a bill through, even with the override of five million dollars for all the schools in the poor and working-class communities for free breakfast facilities.