Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, we're going to move ahead a little bit. The alliance of SNCC, the Student Non-violated, Non-violent Coordinating Committee, how did that come about? And you might talk a little bit about the drafting of Stokely, Stokely Carmichael, but how did that alliance come about?


Huey was arrested and charged with first degree murder in Oakland, California. We had scheduled a birthday rally for Huey, and Eldridge and I left, went to Washington, D.C. to visit Stokely to see would he come to the rally. He agreed to come to the rally. A week or so after that James Forman came out and started rapping with us in Los Angeles and later came up and explained to us that seemingly SNCC was getting ready to fall apart because of the White students who tended to dominate the decision making policy. And later after that, we heard that the United States government was getting ready to draft Stokely to go fight in Vietnam. Well, Eldridge and I put our heads together and we wrote up a draft notice for Stokely. I went to the front steps of the San Francisco Police Department, had a press conference and read the draft notice that Stokely Carmichael was hereby drafted into the Black Panther Party and will not fight in the racist imperialistic power structure's war in Vietnam. Stokely in effect accepted, ah, Rap Brown came to the Huey freedom birthday rally, James Forman and others, and we asked Rap Brown would he accept the draft also. So Rap Brown became the Minister of Justice, Huey, Stokely Carmichael became the Prime Minister and James Forman himself from SNCC became the Minister of Education.