Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, if you could just rephrase and make sure you say the revolu--"the Revolution", that you believe the Revolution was there, okay? Did you believe that, that the Revolution was, was starting, what were the signs?


Yes, the revolution was already going on. I mean the signs was, not only the spontaneous riots that had occurred through the latter part of the '60's but the Civil Rights Movement, the fact that the racist power structure all across this country was attacking peaceful demonstrators in now here we had moved, after several years, to a position of defending ourselves, ah, people like Malcolm X, who had preceded us. Now here we were attempting to implement some aspects of where he was coming from. Ah, it was a battle. It was a struggle. And I think we rooted ourselves in, in the sense that, we began to get millions of Black pe--folks to really look at where we were coming from in our stand against the power structure. Now, a lot of people call revolution, a confrontation. Really, what you and I meant by revolution was a need to revolve more political power and economic power back in the hands of the people. That's really what a revolution is.**. Those in the immediate confrontations evolved because the racist power structure did not want us to exercise our democratic human rights to organize our people in opposition to their structured racism.