Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, I'm going to go into some Fred Hampton questions now. What, what are your personal recollections, what personal recollections do you have of Fred Hampton as a party leader?


My own personal recollections of Fred Hampton as a party leader was the time when I went to Chicago to see first hand what brother Fred Hampton and, and, and Bobby Rush and organized. It blew my mind. Fred Hampton's charismatic ability to teach and rap to young brothers and sisters, have a thousand young brothers and sisters in the church all saying, "Power to the people. Power to the people. Power to the people." And to even would find out that Fred Hampton had previously been in the NAACP and here was, you know, had all these breakfast programs, health clinics rolling and everything and to speak. And I remember later telling party members that "If anything ever happened to me," because I know sooner or later these racists are going to want to kill me, "that since Fred Hampton is be Deputy Chairman under me, with the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, he will become the Chairman of our national organization. Please make sure you always consider him." And I was telling members of the central committee that. And Fred Hampton was just one of those young brothers who could articulate, bring home, capture the feeling of young people and break it down. He could break, I, I was good at breaking all this theory down so the average person would understand it, but Fred Hampton, he was twice as good as I was.