Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, just going back a little bit. At one point Fred Hampton had, had rejected the Weather Underground. What was, what was the talk in, in, in, inside the Central Committee of the Panther Party when he made that decision?


It wasn't Fred Hampton who rejected the Weather Underground. It was me. I gave Fred Hampton direct orders not to participate with the Weather Underground. Eldridge Cleaver wanted him to participate. Eldridge Cleaver was trying to run the Black Panther Party from Algiers. I said, "Don't participate in it because all you're doing is setting yourself up." I says. "The Black Panther." I says, "The young Whites, I'm not opposed to their activity but do not bring Black people out of the Black communities to run with the White, young, un--underground in the White communities. It don't work, brother. All they're going to do is corner you and they're going to kill the Blacks before they kill the Whites." I gave him direct orders not to participate in opposition to Eldridge Cleaver attempting to give Fred Hampton direct orders to participate. And Fred Hampton followed my directives.