Interview with Bobby Seale

Okay, let's start from this question. What was it like when you got to Attica? When you, when you finally got to the prison? What was the atmosphere like and how were you treated?


When me and my, ah, other Black Panther Party members arrived there, we was readily surrounded with shotguns, you know, a couple of guards in front and a couple of police, state policemen in the rear, shotguns pointed directly at the window. I mean, actually pointed when they found out I was Bobby Seale. That's when they did it, okay. And, what we were trying to say to somebody, well the lawyer he said, "This is Bobby Seale." And so he got a hold of Kunstler and Kunstler came out and that's when they took the shotguns away. And then, ah, the word was out that Commissioner Oswald did not want me in the prison, would not let me in. And the news had covered that event, you know, that I was leaving. And the prisoners saw over the television, inside the prison, that I was not allowed in. And something happened because I had split, you know, we was halfway back to Buffalo, ten miles from the prison and a State Trooper car comes along and stops says, and says, "Commissioner Oswald would like for you to come back to prison. He will let you in."


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