Interview with Bobby Seale

There were other Black Panther Parties that sprung up around that time. What was your relationship to those other Black Panther Parties.


The only other group that sprung up about two or three weeks after we started was the Northern California Branch of the Black Panther Party over in San Francisco. Ah, I had worked with those partic--that particular group previously in the revolutionary, an organization called The Revolutionary Action Movement. I couldn't get along with them. I, I guess I had a view that they had a misunderstanding about what the Revolution was about, and, in effect, we did not, ah, we attempted to work together because they came to us. We were very prominent in the community there for about three months, patrolling police. The people really liked what we were doing and the Northern California operation came over and says, ah, We want you to help us escort Sister Betty Shabazz from the airport when she arrives for a rally that would be held in Hunters Point in one of the riot areas that people were trying to cool down and organize politically. So, we say, "Sure we'd love to work with you guys." But what in effect happened there is that, this group, we had, we said we had 20 guns and, ah, then they said they had 20. And we found they only had 5. So we supplied only 10 or 12 or something like that. And then we found out, after we done all this escorting and later had a Mexican type stand off with the police. While this other group, the Revolutionary Action Group of the Black Panther Party had split the scene. And we didn't know why. We found out later, their guns were unloaded. And we thought to ourselves that they were jeopardizing the whole situation by not letting us know that.