Interview with John Seigenthaler


John Seigenthaler:

During that call, the Attorney General said, you know, that wave, second wave begins, there'll be violence. Is there anyway you can contact –uh- any of those people and tell them that it's a mistake? And I -uh- called, first of all, I remember distinctly calling George Barrett, -uh- was close to the movement -uh- knew Diane Nash, and talked to him about it and said, "George, you know it's a mistake for them to come down. It's real -uh- possibility of violence, bloodshed, death even." And he said, "John, -uh- ain't no way to turn them around." And sure enough… I , I think that while I made some additional calls from the moment I talked to him on, -uh- I knew that before morning I'd be on my way back to Birmingham to take care of the next -uh- wave of Freedom Riders as best I could.