Interview with Cleveland Sellers

Was there a discussion about the role of Whites in the march?


Well when I, when I use the terms liberals we're talking about, about Whites in the march. We, we did not, ah, say that Whites could not be involved in the march. Our concern was was that a national call would not be made. Ah, if you look at Selma, if you look at Albany, Georgia, there was national call made and, and you had an onslaught of people from outside of the areas coming into the area for that one particular event. And then those people would then pack up and, and leave and, and what you would have behind is a lot of confusion and a lot of frustration and disappointment. Because the community itself was left with essentially no organization, ah, leadership would probably be all in conflict. And we didn't want to have that situation happen in Mississippi. We took a lot of pride in Mississippi because we had been there for so long.