Interview with Cleveland Sellers

How were you feeling personally?


I was feeling very good. I had worked in Holly Springs, Mississippi so I knew a lot of the people along the way. Many of the staffers in Mississippi were local, indigenous Mississippians. Ah, we felt like we were getting people registered to vote. We were talking about the political process. We were talking about empowerment. Ah, we had a lot of enthusiasm. We had beat the odds. We did not need those resources that, ah, Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young were holding us hostage for. Ah, we felt like every time we had a rally it was full. I mean we had a lot of people there. We were moving steadily down the highway. We were making a lot of progress and we felt like the culmination, ah, in, in Jackson, what we would leave behind is a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of hope, a lot of, of, ah, of, ah, a, a kind of dedicated people who now had the motivation to go forward in their particular communities.