Interview with Cleveland Sellers

But wasn't there something going on between Stokely and, and, and King with "Black Power!" "Freedom!" "Black Power!" "Freedom!" as they were marching. Wasn't Stokely kind of egging him on?


Well, I think, I think that, that we were trying to make sure that, that, that what we were doing was in concert with everybody else. And we were trying to bring people along as fast as we could. I mean the, the question of Lowndes County that was a SNCC experience. The question of the Atlantic City Challenge, that was a SNCC experience. So, in terms of where we were going, that becomes a SNCC experience. SNCC was always on the cutting edge. And we were always trying to influence the Civil Rights Movement in terms of moving it forward. The whole i--the whole question of the Vietnam War, another issue, that SNCC put out there based on its work in Mississippi. Believe it or not. So, we were always trying to sensitize the rest of the movement and bring it along. So it would understand what we were about, so that we wouldn't get out there and somebody would come along and say, "Well, we don't understand what you're doing." And what happens is is that there is a division that's created by some kind of media assumption about what's going on. Now that did happen with Black Power, but we made and effort to make it clear.


Okay then, there's one other...