Interview with Cleveland Sellers

Was there a different feeling though at the end of the march?


There was a different feeling for us because now we had worked our way, as we saw it, out of the quagmire. People were energized and they were ready to go off to work. They began to see the model of Lowndes County as having some validity and that, that information was passed around. So we're beginning to, to look at other areas. Even, ah talking about urv--urban organizing in those areas where the rebellions had taken place. Talked about going in and organizing and focusing those energies, ah, we even talked about definitions. Ah, the, during that period of time we talked about, ah, well what the news media, put, projected was these riots, where people was just, all over, and not losing direction and perspective and that whole kind of thing. We talked about it in the context of urban rebellions. So that we can give focus to a lot of things that were going on and try to focus the energies of Black people into something that was constructive, that would build for them the kind of, of, of net that we felt was important, that is, the whole issue of empowerment, voting, ah, homes, education, ah, jobs and all the rest of that.


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