Interview with Albert Shanker

Okay, now May of '68, the Governing Board chooses to transfer the teachers in all 19 cases. How did you find out about the May, the May '68 transfers and, and what was your reaction?


Well, you ask me about the transfers but they weren't transfers because, ah, the Governing Board had no more right to transfer these teachers out than I have the right to transfer you to the Soviet Union. That is, transfer is something that's accomplished by a high authority who has control over School A and School B and I say, "I'm transferring you from School A, because I'm the superintendent and I'm transferring you to School B where I'm also the superintendent." But how can somebody say, "I'm transferring you out of this district, to where?" Rhody McCoy didn't have any control over any schools out of the district. So, if I say, "I'm transferring you out of the United States," what am I doing? I'm not transferring you, I'm firing you because there was no place that he had the right to send them to.