Interview with Albert Shanker

Okay, and also, what about your negotiations with the governing board? Did you meet with Rhody McCoy, and, and people from the governing board, like Reverend Oliver or Father Powis or any of the parents during that summer period?


Ah, we met, ah, there was an effort to mediate the dispute by Theodore Keel, and there were meetings with members of the Governing Board in his office where we were trying to work out a procedure. "Alright, you don't like Judge Francis E. Rivers, let's have another panel which will make these decisions." And so we were in the same room there. I should say that just before this whole thing happened that, that I met with Rhody McCoy in my office and that he said he needed help on educational programs and this whole thing was a shock because Rhody came and asked for help and we were about to put together a conference with members of the Governing Board and with educational experts and with our own teachers. But we had a, we, we made a few efforts to put it together but they did not work. The, the Governing Board refused any efforts, at any other procedure that might result in any turnaround of what they had done.