Interview with Albert Shanker

O--okay, and, and did that bring you greater support from the city, once they saw this leaflet attributed? Was it easier for, for Lindsay to support you? Was it easier for--


Oh, Lindsay never supported me. Ah, we, we received great support. I just felt throughout the whole thing that it was necessary to put everything on the table and, and we did. We, ah, we, we didn't hide the fact that there were some teachers who were unsympathetic and who left. We didn't hide the fact that, ah, ah, that there were teachers that should be removed and there ought to be procedures to do that, and we also weren't about to hide the fact that there was anti-Semitism there. Ah, the best way for people to make a decision when you've got a conflict like that is to put it all out there and let people make up their minds. And we were in a very tough fight and that's what we did. We didn't, uh, we put it all out there.