Interview with Albert Shanker

One thing I'd like you to restate is the notion of transfers. The community Boards said they transferred the thirteen teachers. Could you talk about the difference between transfers and firings again?


Well they weren't transfers. If I say to one of my employees, ah, "You're transferred." The first he's going to say is, "Where to?" I can only transfer people to other parts of my own operation and since Rhody McCoy was really saying, "Hey, don't come back to Ocean Hill-Brownsville, you're transferred." Well, if I say to an employee who works for the American Federation of Teachers, "You're transferred. Don't come back to the American Federation of Teachers," I'm firing him. I'm not saying, I'm not giving him another job anywhere else, because I can't. The only place I can give him a job is right in my own place which is exactly what Rhody wasn't going to do. So it was a firing. And the very fact that they were called transfers was an indication of the kind of a, a lie, the whole things was. He should have said, "I'm firing you." He should have been honest and above board.


Okay. Cut.