Interview with Albert Shanker

Okay, the constitution of the Governing Board. Could you talk about that election? I understood that a third of the, the families didn't vote in that election. And, why did you, just, your view of how its authenticity and--


Well there was no election. The election was, so-called election was conducted by having people, members who wanted to be elected to the Governing Board knocking at the, ah, apartments of people saying, "Do you vote for me?" Well, what kind of an election is that? Ah, that's not an election, ah, the fact is that no--that the members of the Gov--when, when there finally were elections under the decentralization law, none of them chose to run. And they chose not to run because they knew damn well that they couldn't get elected. Ah, they were self selected. They were, they were active people in, uh, very militant groups who had a point of view, that they were not willing to really subject that point of view, to go to the people and say, "Look, here's what I believe, vote for me." The minute there were real elections, they ran away. And, ah, that's the proof of the pudding. Anybody who really believes he represents the people, is not afraid of re--of standing for a real election.


Okay, cut.