Interview with Albert Shanker

Okay, but particularly in light of this coalition, were you particularly, were you surprised that this, this community, Ocean Hill-Brownsville, should react so much to break the coalition?


Well, it wasn't the community. There's no evidence that, that the parents wanted, eh, eh, the schools to be treated any differently. I mean all parents basically are against strikes. They want their children to be able to go to school. It's also inconvenient for many of them, they have to go to work, and they haven't made provisions. So, you can't blame parents for being angry about it. But there's no evidence that the, ah, community in Ocean Hill-Brownsville wanted Rhody McCoy to do any of these things. There wasn't the, I never viewed that as a a community expression. It was Rhody McCoy decided to do it, or the governing board, but they were never elected by anyone. Ah.