Interview with Betty Shabazz

How was this man able to move from the streets of Harlem to a University life in Oxford and be able to talk on all different levels to all different people?


Well, he was well read. He was, he was well read. He, he just was a prolific reader, ah, of the classics, you know, every day. He could, ah, deal with a difficult book in three or four hours. I mean his, and, and his analytical skills, self taught, but was very sharp and I can remember, ah, he would go through various skills at home, you know, and I couldn't remember who came, what time they came, you know, who said what, or whatever, you know. And he says, "Girl, when I was in prison, there was so much time that if a fly flew through a window, you would not say the fly flew through the window, you would say the fly flew through the lower right-hand quadrant and landed on its front legs." He was just, just very observant and very analytical.