Interview with Betty Shabazz

In keeping with, again talking about, ah, the teachings that you were learning from Malcolm, and how it was different.


Well, what was different was that Malcolm not only dealt with the Christian Bible, which most of us were familiar with, and, ah, most people in this country are familiar with, but he also dealt with the Koran and he also dealt from a historical perspective. And as, ah, a matter of fact, ah, it was, appeared in the New York Times through a minister who was named Henry at that particular time, I, I believe he died and I hope God have mercy on his soul, ah, and this interview, it said that Elijah Muhammad said that the, the Blackness that was brought in to the nation of Islam was brought in by Malcolm and it was never intended. But you have to understand that Malcolm's father was a Garveyite and he remembered that, and it could have been an ode to his father.