Interview with Charles Sherrod


Charles Sherrod:

Now our youth had some disadvantages. Uh, there were older people there who had families, and so forth, but they took us in, as their children, as their own. They protected us just as well as uh, their own children. There are many times that I went to sleep under the muzzle of a gun, that wasn't pointed at me, but pointed at the window. Now, I had taught nonviolence, and everything, but over in uh Lee County, for example, where uh, uh the Ku Klux Klan shot into the house, and burned down a couple of churches, and so forth, but the point that I'm trying to make is that the people identified with us, for whatever reason. It had nothing to do with a, a look of irresponsibility, or anything like that. We were their children. And they, they uh, respected us, and they accepted us as their children. And we could do no wrong. There might be some jealousy, uh, because of that, but it, it was in our favor. And we used everything we could use in our favor. As we learned it, we utilized it.