Interview with Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth


Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth:

Well, he didn't really want to be projected as quote, "the leader." And Martin downplayed that even to the end because he said, "Everybody, in a sense, is a leader if you stand up for right and righteousness." But then, it's, it's human—mankind's system to have somebody be in front. But in Birmingham, I think it, it finally got into, it came into his consciousness that really, the lead, the movement has to have a spokesman. And, he, he felt as if he had to actually go into the same kinds of suffering that he was leading other people into. Going to jail, and, and doing other things. And, and to have the whole philosophy and action and projections bound together with himself as the leader. Of course, there were those of others who were just as committed as Martin was, but as I said, one leader at one time, one main spokesman.