Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

How did you feel ?


I felt all right, you know, after start being organized, you know, I felt all right, you know, before but I felt more and the more organized it became the more I felt a part and seen that as being as part of me because prior, you know, to going into the yard, I was coaching football teams. So I had a lot of, you know, relationship with peoples in Attica State Prison, the cops and inmates. You know I was known in the facility. You know, peoples knew me and I was like up on top of it from jump street, you know, in organizing. I organized the football team. I organized a basketball team. And if you get into that organizing inmates in prisons, then, you know, you, you know how to organize. You know it's a different way now and a different thing that had to be organized now. Because now you got all type of peoples. You got White, Black, Red, Brown, whatever, that had to be organized, which, prior to 1971, on the 9th, you know, it, it, it's, it was a big separation, you know, you would think that you was in Mississippi somewhere, you know. The White over there. The Black over there. You know and, and the Puerto Rican over there. And the Native American over there. But on the 9th, we all came together.