Interview with Frank Smith (Big Black)

Why does it feel better. What happened in the yard that made you feel better?


Attica changed a lot of my views. Attica changed me. Attica made me feel more human. Attica made my values more positive. Attica changed my behavior pattern, you know. Attica changed my unified way of looking at things, you know. I feel more positive about myself. Attica changed that. You know, believe me, I went in as a hustler and I came out as a struggler, you know, a more unified struggler, a more people's person. I was a my person, you know. I was a loner. You know, I was mingling, you know what I mean? But I was for Frank, you know. I was for Black, you know, me. You know, that's who, you know I am very selfishness. I'm selfish because I understand that me, I can reach out to others, so I'm not a selfish person now. You know, I'm a more unified person. OK?